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Contextual Cloud Security
for Native, Kubernetes, and Microservices

No more guesswork. No more alert fatigue.Visualized. Prioritized. Fixed.

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See your environment from an attacker's point of view.

Block any risky path and keep your cloud secured.

Connect the dots and uncover what's been hiding.


See deep inside your cloud stack

Why Lightspin

View your cloud assets and relationships just like attackers do, within minutes.

Move forward with Kubernetes and stay secure

Protect your cloud environment while advancing along the digital transformation. It correlates between the Kubernetes layer to the cloud layer and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflow.

"Defenders think in lists. Attackers think in graphs. As long as this is true, attackers win"

John Lambert, Microsoft threat intelligence

Eliminate risks to cloud assets

Our advanced patent-pending predictive graph-based technology enables proactive discovery and remediation of known and unknown threats.
Whether it's a misconfiguration, weak configuration, over-permissive policy, or a CVE, we empower your teams to address and eliminate all threats to your cloud stack.

Prioritization of the most critical issues means your team can focus on what matters most. Our root cause analysis dramatically reduces the number of alerts and general findings, enabling teams to address those that are most crucial.

Maximize productivity



Get a rapid visual assessment of your cloud environment using known cloud vendor APIs, from the infrastructure level down to the single microservice level.

Get set up in minutes

It's agentless and can be deployed in a few clicks.


Display the most critical items and their remediation actions, so your team can focus on fixing what matters most.

Analyze & Detect

Leverage patent-pending predictive path analysis technology to discover hidden attack vectors, detect configuration vulnerabilities, and discover unknown risks.

How it works

Eliminate risks
Improve efficiency

Lightspin Contextual Cloud Security Platform

Continuously visualize, detect, and block any attack path in your cloud and Kubernetes environment.

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Clear remediation plan

Delivers simple instructions for mitigation of all threats. Integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Graph-based visualization

Straightforward prioritization

Goes beyond the surface, getting to the root cause. Displays the most critical security issues in the context of attack path, in order of importance.

Maps cloud assets and relationships from the attacker's perspective, to visualize your current security posture.

identification and prioritization
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The solution

Dashboard   Main

Cloud agnostic protection for native, Kubernetes and microservices.

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Move forward with Kubernetes while keeping your environment safe


Senior Security Architect, Global fintech company

“Lightspin’s solution revealed significant vulnerabilities and enabled us to implement remediation activities to reduce critical risks to our Kubernetes deployments”

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Oct 13, 2020

Kubernetes Security Workshop

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What security experts tell us

CISO, a large global insuretech company

"We have other static testing and compliance products, but Lightspin's graph-based approach gives us a much broader perspective. The platform's findings are solid, and it provides us with significant added value."

CISO, a leading global fintech company

"Lightspin knows how to “color” and consolidate the noise that we get from other solutions’ findings. Also, it addresses the “black hole” of security for our Kubernetes environment."


Global cybersecurity CTO, top 5 global cybersecurity consulting firm

"Graph-based solutions are the future of security products, we see tremendous value in risk insights based on graph analysis"

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Keep attackers out of any cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes

Achieve a resilient cloud security posture